Quad Light

What is Quad Light?

Quad Light is a fusion of vehicle-based advertisements, street promotions, and guerilla marketing. It is a highly efficient public media, reaching wide consumer masses. With our help, You, as an advertiser, can attract the attention of your consumers in an extreme way, and you can sharply separate yourself from your competitors.

The devices we use are our own developments, designed to satisfy the high expectations of our customers (45 International Design Patents and 100% Hungarian)

How can we help You?
Give us a ring for a brief consultation: +36 70 382 13 98

About us

Who we are

We are a media company full of ideas, serving our customers’ creative promotional needs with devices of our own design.

8 years of experience, and more than 120 geotargeted public campaigns.

Our thinking, market knowledge, and the systems we use provide us and our customers everything that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our experience, perfectionism, dedication and concentration has made us a media company appreciated by the demanding advertisors and agencies. We are members of the Hungarian Franchise Alliance. We are founders and leaders of the Ambient Media division of the Hungarian Advertisement Alliance.

What we do

We help You, as our Customer, in communicating Your promotional messages to Your target group in a safe, efficient, unique and creative way.

Our aim is to bring Your brand closer to your Customers and to conduct campaigns that fascinate and entertain Your consumers, and make the first contact with Your brand a pleasuring experience.


What we offer for our clients

We offer the highest quality in public media services available today in Hungary.
The service we offer covers everything from manufacturing to conducting the services,
creating daily reports and the closing report, so we take care of everything for You.

  • Creating itineraries (based on traffic habits)
  • Using design software (ISPOS)
  • Site visits
  • Planning logistics
  • Promoter education and training
  • Conducting geotargeted campaigns
  • Covering strategically important public areas
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Product sample and gifts distribution
  • Cold product sampling
  • Product presentation
  • Database building
  • Facebook integrated activities
  • Other activities combined with data collection
  • Supervisor control
  • 0-24 campaign supervision
  • GPS-based tracking
  • Daily reports
  • Closing report
  • Campaign analysis (IPSOS)


Developing concepts and strategies based on Your needs, Media Buying, producing Creative Design, Image materials, TV spots and short videos.


We conduct different public area promotions for different Brands.
Our customers share one thing in common: they demand a joint, transparent, high-quality, and unique service,
one that represents the quality of their own brand.



Drop us a line, or give us a call,
and tell us, what you need!


+36 70 382 13 98

1085 Budapest
József krt. 36.





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